Date Night and Other Fun Stuff

Our October date night, according to the cards (see Blog Post #3-12 Months of Date Nights…), we were supposed to go to a pumpkin patch. But far more romantic (for me, anyway) was for us to go back to the place where my feelings began to shift from a general interest in getting to know her to a hmm…I like this woman.

On one of our outings when we first started dating we had THE perfect date night. The only part of the date that was planned was to meet downtown at the Chicago International Film Festival. After that,everything else was spontaneous and so much fun! For October it was a very warm evening-I don’t think we even needed a jacket.

After the movie we walked to the restaurant, Wildfire. Then we decided to walk over to Andy’s Jazz Club for drinks. While sitting and chatting in that club something in me shifted. I had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to be closer, physically. I wanted her to place her hand on my knee or something. Of course I was too shy to touch her, especially because I couldn’t read her. I couldn’t really tell if she liked me too.


Posing on the red carpet

Two years later here we are, back at the Chicago Intl Film Fest. This time we didn’t skip through the city afterwards. We just went home. Not to say this year we less fun, it was just way more chill. Hopefully not a sign of us getting older.


The After Party






Halloween-Chills and Thrills

For only the second time in my adult life I dressed up for Halloween. She has said that she likes dressing up and I decided not to be a killjoy and get into too. Having complementary costumes is a must for couples right? So I tried to figure out something we could wear that would not cause me too much anxiety. I don’t like makeup, wigs, etc.  After throwing out a few suggestions I came up with Arthur and Muffy. Very simple and super cute. We found a couple parties to step out to and was joined by my sis-as a very accurate representation of The Mad Hatter. Unfortunately, I can’t say our costumes were so on point. We had quite a few people wondering who we were supposed to be.


But some people knew right away. One woman was quite pleased to see our costumes because Arthur is one her favorite cartoons (mine too!). Dressing up is fun. I just might do it again.



The Mad Hatter is up to something

Next month is the last month that was pre-planned. I’m not sure what’s on the card. Then next up is December- my bday!! I’m so excited! I can’t believe how fast 2016 is going. Stay tuned cuz it ain’t over yet…


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