Trés Bonne Journée

Our Trip to Montreal, Quebec


The challenge of trying to figure out the language, as well as the ease that the people shift from French to English when they realized we were tourists, was quite intriguing. Some people would begin speaking in English without a trace of an accent.

Our days there were so busy for most of the trip, but it rained one day so we got to slow down a bit and spent most of that day inside. However, after that we walked our butts off! Taking public transportation was great for a workout and an ease to use.

Most of our breakfasts were eaten at the apartment and one night I made a delicious meal (if I must say). I have to give props to the garlic butter we found at the market for making the fish and veggies taste amazing.



The highlight of the trip was…She said YES! On August 26th we got engaged!

I proposed to her on top of Mont Royal and I was so nervous! I read her this thing about the symbolism of a mountain and then I read a conversation that I had with the little one about us getting her on board to be his second mom. Although she didn’t cry I was happy that she liked the ring and the moment was super special.

The weather was beautiful. We descended the mountain and ate our snacks then we rode the bus to one of the best places we dined at called Aux Vivres. It was vegan but even her meat-loving self devoured the tasty salad.  Another meal worth mentioning was the poutine which is famous there. We happened upon a place that lets you choose your own toppings. Bonne!


In honor of our second anniversary, she treated me to two concerts at home! So while on this trip I wanted to take her out for dinner and a surprise burlesque show. We ate southern food at a place called Dinette Triple Crown and the burlesque was at Wiggle Room. I called in advance to let them know we were celebrating our engagement but when she went to the bathroom, I realized they got the message too late. I snuck off and gave the producer our information and right after intermission she began calling people up to the stage to help them celebrate various occasions (i.e., bachelorettes and bachelors, birthdays, etc.).  After the last couple stepped on the stage the producer announced one more couple… “Talibra and Telisa!!” We were laughing so hard as we walked on stage. The producer made each of us drink a shot from her bosom. Telisa and I got to do it at the same time. That was the most fun part of the evening for me.

The food, the friendliness, the cleanliness….Montreal, QC will always be one of my favorite places to visit.

I’m SO delighted that she has decided that I’m the one she wants to keep sharing these journeys with!






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