Myrtle in May

Our First Hurrah in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

What can I say about Myrtle Beach? A retired person’s paradise? A biker’s dream weekend? What I’m hinting to is we are neither of those but we still had a good time. The condo we stayed in was cute. We were only on the first floor but the view of the pools and the ocean was just what I needed to get out of my “Chicago state of mind”.

We immediately put on our swim gear and headed to the beach. She wanted to get in the lazy river in the pool area but I was ready for the salty water of the ocean. Besides, when we did finally get in the lazy river was EXTRA lazy and we did all of the work with feet and hands to move through the winding course of it. BORING!

The ocean on the other hand was fun, fun, fun! Well maybe I’m exaggerating but I liked it. I even saw a shark! So exciting! Later that night we snuck back down and skinny dipped for like 10.5 seconds each.

We ate a good dinner at the Noizy Oyster. We each had Manhattan Martinis and shared a steam pot that had crawfish, shrimp, crab legs, potatoes and corn. It was tasty and I was thankful for the leftovers later. The star of the meal was the hushpuppies and the honey butter. Yum!

The one thing I can say is that Myrtle Beach needs to get their coffee game up. Too watered down, every time we tried. Besides the coffee, everything else was good enough. She ate some $0.60 wings on the Boardwalk which seemed to be good (I don’t eat chicken) then we people watched until we felt some raindrops. The wind was also on vacation with us. The night before we left it was windy and stormy and lead to some great sleep!

The highlight of the trip for me was driving the jet skis. We took a Uber to Myrtle Beach Watersports which sat at a marina surrounded by big boats and huge homes. The water at the marina looked like coffee (hmmm….) and was really calm. Perfect for a beginner like me. I rode on the back for a little over half the ride, then I was ready to give it a try. WHEW WEE! It was so much fun! The faster I went the more fun it was. I am ready to ride in the waves of the ocean now… I think.

Here are a few more pics from our trip:


Next trip: Kentucky Bourbon Tour… How will this play out for two, Black lesbian couples?? We shall see…









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