Love Is In The Chilly Air

March came…and went…

I didn’t write a post for March but that was because I didn’t have much to share. We have been trip planning and we did take a family trip to the Dells but because there was SO much water I didn’t take pics because I left the phone at the villa.

Family time is so important to me. I really wanted to take a longer road trip to Washington, DC to the Natural Museum of African American History BUT the time and money it would take to get there just did not work for us.

We had a ball in the water though! We went on water slides and in wave pools and chilled out on the lazy river (except when we made neverending laps around the river in a  river against my son who can never take an L gracefully).

Another exciting thing happened this month! We went to a very lovely wedding. And we had a BALL! And we were crute! Listening to their vows and seeing how elated they were made me excited for our big day (which is just a little twinkle dust in our minds at this point). I have been writing a few lines here and there for my vows since I knew I wanted to marry her. But their vows made me want to dig deeper. Their words to each other and in front of all those people (yikes!) were so moving. The emotional exposure and vulnerability their vows contained sent me back to my notes. I’m quite guarded with my feelings but hell, if I’m going to do it, I may as well let the world know how I feel! Well actually we plan on having just a few close friends and family, but still.

Yay! The BEACH!

Up next? Our trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in May. It is STILL in the 50s here and the only reason I’m not losing it is because we have strings of 70° weather thrown in here and there. So I am really looking forward to sun, sand, and ocean. YES!






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