Byyyyyyeee 2016!

My Birthday and Bringing in the New Year

My birthday celebrations continued and were actually a lot of fun. The 80s was the theme for the last part of the year. What I thought was an 80s style ugly sweater that I bought for an Ugly Sweater party that was cancelled, everyone else thought looked rad/fly/dope. So we decided to wear our ugly sweaters and meet up with friends on Christmas Eve at Lagunita’s Brewery for beer and bar food (yay! Loaded nachos!).

After the brewery we headed to Emporium  in Logan Square for some 80s style arcade fun. They were even playing the movie Gremlins on these huge screens (which came out in 1984) I was very tipsy but I was still beating ass at air hockey. We didn’t win at foosball but who cares! The night was complete after a trip to our favorite fried shrimp spot, Goose Island.

On December 25th at 1 something in the morning we went on a romantic walk on Michigan Ave. The weather and the company was just right. Happy Birthday to me!

Prince and George Michael Helped Bring in the New Year

We got all dressed up and had a wonderful dinner at Calo Ristorante  in Andersonville. Then we drove to Boystown for dancing and cocktails and a mini Burlesque performance before counting down to 2017! We had a really awesome year and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.


Last year we created gratitude jars and each time we felt thankful we would write a little note of thanks. I believe concentrating on the good helps to keep your perspective on the positive and it outweighs the bad in your life. Here’s to looking on the bright side, growing with those you love and fighting for the things you care about.




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