Hotter Than July

Ok our summer month dates haven’t gone as planned but we’ve still been able to get out and about and enjoy the city. We have been getting out of the neighborhood and heading north for things like going to the beach, walking along the lakefront and dancing and sweating at Market Days in Boystown.

Montrose beach was…ok. It was crowded and someone forgot my tuna in the fridge. But we snacked on fruit and chips and still had a good time.IMG_3191


The late night stroll along the River Walk by the Chicago River was short but so much fun. The little boy got his sorbet and we all got to see fireworks! The weather was amazing and there was so much to see. Even the doggie got to sniff out some new territory.


The bar at Lowcountry on north Clark street was the best! We came during happy hour and drank delicious half priced drinks and went to heaven eating crab legs, shrimp and jalapeno corn bread. YUM! IMG_3263

Even after a hike (I got over 10,00 steps!) I was still full of energy and wanted to keep dancing at Market Days on North Halsted street. IMG_3318

The countdown to our next vacation has begun! Soon we’ll get some alone time, rest and relaxation (and plenty of drinks and other naughty stuff) in Montreal, Quebec.

Nous serons sur notre voie bientôt ! (We’ll be on our way soon!)




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