Our Bucket Lists-Twenty Sixteen

These are the things that we’d like to do BWD (before we die):


  • Go to a beach with black sand
  • Put my feet in a new body of water (i.e., The Indian Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico, etc.)
  • Sunbathe topless on a beach
  • Be featured in Essence magazine
  • Attend Sundance Film Fest in January in Utah
  • Eat a pastry in Paris, France
  • Attend Carnivale in Trinidad
  • Buy Ndebele jewelry/doll from the Ndebele people in South Africa
  • Sail on a boat in another country(hopefully in Whitsundays, Australia)
  • Visit the National Museum of African American History Smithsonian in Washington, DC
  • Hang glide/ Paraglide
  • Eat weed edible in Amsterdam
  • Have sex on the beach
  • Ride a camel in the desert
  • See a pyramid
  • Eat Thai food in Thailand
  • Party in Brazil
  • Get matching tattoos
  • Kiss in the rain in Seattle, WA
  • get a moped/scooter or small motorized bike
  • Attend the Jimmy Fallon show
  • Sleep in a private serene beach home
  • build something out of wood
  • make a fiber art project with a native person in their country
  • attend an SNL taping
  • Go to the Roots Picnic in Philly
  • Move away from Chicago preferably out of the country
  • have a marshmallow and whipped cream fight


  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Take swim lessons and actually learn how to swim in the deep end
  • Move out of Illinois (Abroad or another state)
  • Travel by helicopter
  • become fluent in another language
  • visit Fiji
  • Rent an RV for a 3 week roadtrip
  • Attend an NFL game in a warm state
  • Buy a sleek truck/Jeep
  • Train Chase (her pit bull) to be a therapy dog-Do something theraputic with her)
  • Save a life
  • Drive a fancy sports car for a day
  • Pay off my starter home
  • Get a custom made suit
  • play one song on my guitar

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