Summer Is Here-Proud and Hawt

June Dates-All Month Long

June’s date was to go to a farmer’s market but we were too busy getting into other activities. Of course June is Pride month but we had no desire to do the parade and the after parties this year. But to be amongst the people we went out the night before the parade.

We had a shots that tasted like apple pie and saw a bootleg drag show at a hole in the wall just off the North Halsted strip. We went back to Halsted which was packed with all types of folks try to get more liquor but ended up just stuffing our faces with Mexican food


Next on our calendar was a 7 mile bike ride to Hyde Park for Movies In The Park at Harold’s Playlot. We had snacks but stopped at the new Whole Foods to get something extra. We also went to Frontline Distribution International, a Black owned bookstore, for some Nag Champa incense to cut down on the insects that could potentially ruin our good time.

The movie was The Great Debaters starring so many greats–Denzel Washington, Forest Witaker, Jurnee Smollet-Bell and Nate Parker. It wouldn’t have been right if she didn’t doze briefly. The bike ride was great but we decided to hook the bikes on the front (struggle) and ride the CTA home.

I love, love nature and the best way for me to get a stress-free workout is to go hiking. We drove to Matthiessen State Park and it was worth the drive. The trails  were enjoyable because of all the waterfalls, canyons, bugs, spiders and animals (except that damn snake- Yikes!) I definitely want to go back when we get a chance. I hope I lost a pound or two.


The White Sox hadn’t been doing that great but we love to go to the games anyway. The weather was beautiful and as usual we talked throughout the game. She didn’t realize that I really do like following the game but when it hit the 7th inning, we were both ready to go.

I guess we’ll make it to a farmer’s market at some point before they’re all gone. But June was full and fun regardless.


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