Go (Swim, Dance, Drink and Be Gay) Girls!!

Go Girl! Saugatuck, MI,  June 3-5, 2016


A great time was had in this little gay town in the Midwest. We stayed at The Dunes Resort and was surprised at how spacious it was because on the outside the look of it was pretty deceiving. We were among several women, mostly from Illinois and Michigan, and maybe a few traveled in from other states in the midwest. The resort had a pool and she was excited to get in. So was I, but the idea of having to put a wet suit back on the next day was unappealing. Instead, we opted to smoke cigars and drink Purus Vodka in our version of Peach Martinis.


The Saugatuck Brewery was a few seconds away so we chose to eat there for dinner. The food was decent, the beer was even better.  We returned to the resort with a six pack and found out that there was karaoke happening in the Cabaret lounge.  Inside, we saw a couple we know, so we hung out down there for a while. Not sure why we wanted more food but we didn’t stay long because we wanted to catch the pizza place, Scooters Cafe & Pizzeria, before they closed.

After we fed our faces, again, we went back to the main building and attempted to dance but the dj was AW-FUL, so there was no booty shaking (at least not on the dance floor) that night.

After we woke up, we decided to make it to the beginner’s yoga session. So about that…the thin woman who was awesome at the hula hoop dancing the night before was not so good as a hungover yogi. She couldn’t even keep her balance and drank a huge bottle of high fructose corn syrup while complaining of having “too much fun” the night before.


We participated briefly but then gave each other the look that meant, “let’s go!” Then headed to town for one of our pleasures- cafè.

Uncommon Ground was a very cool little cafe that would probably be one of my hangouts if it were here in Chicago. We sipped the freshly dripped coffee and chatted for a while in the backyard garden. Afterwards, we headed back to The Dunes for the next activity on our agenda-the Explosive Sex workshop. The workshop was very informative and reminded me of something I’d seen on HBO’s Real Sex when I was younger.  Instead of staying for the hands-on portion (not sure I was ready for public fucking anyway) we decided to have some fun in the pool.


Someone posted this on Facebook and tagged me…How’d they recognize the back of my head??

After showering we met up with friends, ate dinner, played around in the room, then went back out to dance. All The Way Kay is a great dj so we danced most of the night. I was not even concerned with looking cute. I just wanted to dance!


Right before sweating out my hair

The next day it was time to say goodbye to the quaint town of Saugatuck, MI but not before meeting up with our buddies at Ida Red’s Cottage for breakfast. I love little weekend getaways!


All smiles!



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