April Date-1728 Miles Away

Family Trip (with some alone time thrown in)


Mission Bay Beach with snacks and spiked oj

After a crazy monologue by a guy who obviously had PTSD on the Blue Line, we finally made it to O’Hare for our spring getaway to sunny San Diego.

San Diego was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in Mission Bay right near the boardwalk. We were across from a park and between two beaches. The first night we walked the boardwalk, saw a little of the sunset  and played games at the Mission Beach arcade. The  beach near the boardwalk had huge waves. The one on the other side was calmer. The second day there we rented bikes and rode along the beach. Then we packed a lunch and had a picnic by the calm water at the other beach. She and I had been sipping all day so after the picnic and the bike ride we were spent. We napped for a few hours then changed and went to Old Town to Churchill Cigar Lounge. I definitely wish we had a cigar bar like this in Chicago.


Churchill Cigar Lounge in Old Town, San Diego

Along with cigars they sell beer, wine and port. I had a Pinot Noir and she had a Malbec. We chose the same cigar and it was extra smooth.

Then we headed Downtown to Brass Rail-a gay  and mostly Latinx nightclub. She got a drink called the Purple Rain, in honor of the late, great, Prince. It was purple and had vodka and Sprite.  We danced and laughed and people watched until the club closed.  Then we got Mexican food from the food truck that was posted up outside.

The next day we rode the Coronado Ferry to the island then drove to the upscale and really pretty La Jolla Cove. We got up close and personal to (not too close cuz they’ll bite you!) the sea lions.


Stinky Sea Lions at La Jolla Cove

Afterwards, we ate and drank some local brew in Pacific Beach at this fish spot. We went back to the beach because I wanted to see the sun set but it was too cloudy. We had plans to stay in, drink the last of our Titos and smoke another cigar. We got the cigar but fell asleep watching Netflix.

The next morning we got up and walked to Starbucks. Then headed to the park across the street to smoke. It was almost time for our flight but we snuck in one more attraction—Cabrillo National Monument. The guy at the gate let us in free because we weren’t going to stay long. We wished we’d made this a stop earlier because this place was gorgeous. So happy that we at least got to see it before heading home.

This was an amazing trip. One of our bests, and I can’t wait for the next one!


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