Drinkin’ In Galena


The weekend of February 26-28 we joined three other couples and drove out for a weekend in the small town of Galena, IL. Well it was really two couples and one that was transitioning from dating. We love our little weekend getaways because of the uninterrupted “us” time. We all brought groceries to share and were looking forward to a night of fun and foolery.

Friday night was the pajama party. She and I wore matching p.j.’s but unfortunately (maybe not) we didn’t get a pic. She wore a Superman tee and these colorful Superman pajama pants and I wore a grey Superman gown. SO comfy!

On Saturday we went to the Blaum Brother’s Distillery and took a tour.  It was very entertaining and Dennis was our very engaging tour guide. We were given 4 shots after the tour but we only drank like two.

After lunch we were off for more drinking! We landed at Galena Cellars Winery for some wine tasting. Our bartender, Lyz was funny and cool and was hooking us up with the tastings. They sold the cutest wine related stuff. We left with a wine carrying tote and a bottle of Chardonnay.


Galena Cellars Winery, Galena, IL

Our evening ended with a formal potluck at the cabin. It was fun to get dressed up to eat in…and we ate well!  She looked SO awesome. So did I.


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