12 Months of Date Nights…Well 10

We’re really good at finding events and outings throughout the city (Yay Yelp, Thrillist, Chicago Reader, etc.!) I wanted to make her something sweet and intentional to let her know I wanted her to be hanging out with me every month of the year. So to sprinkle some solid activities into our impromptu outings, I created a 10 months  of date nights project. I chose a season specific activity. I left out September and December because those are our birthday months.

January-Ice Skating

Ice Skating-Lincoln Park Zoo

Our January date was to go ice skating. She found a Groupon for the rink at Lincoln Park Zoo. On our way to the rink we saw this huge dome and realized it was the Lincoln Park Conservatory. I was happy to see this place because I LOVE the Garfield Park Conservatory and I was thrilled that we could explore inside a place that would feel tropical inside on this chilly day in January.


Posing at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

It felt so lovely!  And breathing that air with all those plants felt amazing. We observed fruit trees and my favorite type of plant-ferns! This place isn’t as large as the  Garfield Park Conservatory but it still gave us a nature high. After we left the conservatory we checked out some animals at the zoo.

Next, we were off to get our boogie on at the ice rink. The weather was great for skating. Clear and just a little chilly. We got our skates laced up and headed to the rink. I was impressed with her skills! I was thinking I was the pro at all skating (roller skating especially) and I was the only one that ended up on my butt! Nevertheless, we had a ball. Hot chocolate in hand we left snuggled up with red cheeks and noses (well maybe that was just me too).



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