The Smile…

So, after two years of soul searching and opening and closing and opening my OkCupid account I saw her profile. At this point in my online dating journey I had honestly stop reading the profiles. I was just willing to do the minimum at this point and didn’t want to keep making assumptions about someone’s cleverly (or poorly) written blubs.

The cutie in the fedora. That big smile. That chocolate complexion. According to Lisa Hoehn, founder of Profile Polish, a business that helps daters make over their profiles to attract more matches, choosing pictures that show personality and teeth help you get more attention.  In her pictures she appeared to seem like she knew how to enjoy life. Which is what I’M all about!

We quickly (after only a couple exchanges) took the meeting off the internet and decided to meet in person for a drink. When she asked, “coffee or wine” inside I said,”Yes!” because I like both. It was a hawt August day, and over wine at The Promontory we chatted about our adventures in traveling and how we both found enjoyment in exploring our city.

I didn’t want to be overly optimistic but I believed I’d found someone special.



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